Pegasus News raves about Oleanna:

“Seeing Oleanna has been one of the most unforgettable, remarkable experiences I’ve had at the theatre. Ever.”


D Magazine’s FrontRow gives Oleanna its highest rating: “GO SEE IT”:

“Dallas Actor’s Lab Cast Upstages David Mamet’s Words in Oleanna

———- reviews Oleanna:

“Dallas Actor’s Lab debuts with a strong production of David Mamet’s Oleanna.”


Oleanna is featured in the Dallas Observer

“Dallas Actor’s Lab isn’t into playing coy, which should be more than obvious since they’re making their debut in the Dallas theater scene with a production of David Mamet’s Oleanna. As a company that focuses on intimate and provocative theater, Dallas Actor’s Lab made a smart decision by selecting Mamet’s two-character study of sexual exploitation in the world of higher education. Exploring the ever-present issues of gender roles, sexuality and sexual harassment, Oleanna was written on the heels of the Clarence Thomas hearings but is as applicable now as it was twenty years ago”


Dallas Actor’s Lab and Oleanna are featured in D Magazine’s “What To Do In Dallas This Weekend”

“Oleanna, which opened yesterday at Project X’s Green Zone, is my pick tonight. I’m excited about it for a couple of reasons. One, it’s a David Mamet-penned two-person drama about a smug professor on tenure track and a female student, Carol, who accuses him of sexual harassment. Mamet’s work usually speaks for itself, and I’ve only read this play, never seen it performed. Two, this is the inaugural production of the Dallas Actor’s Lab. FrontRow has the details about the new theater troupe, formed by Kyle Lemieux, director of drama over at the University of Dallas. Natalie Young, fresh off her strong performance in Second Thought Theatre’s production of Red Light Winter, is playing the role of Carol.”



Dallas Actor’s Lab and Artistic Director, Kyle Lemieux are featured on


Dallas Morning News. “BEST BETS”,  7/22/11:

“We have a new and ambitious theatrical company in town. Kyle Lemieux, who succeeded Patrick Kelly as head of the University of Dallas theater program, has founded Dallas Actor’s Lab. He also stars in its first show, David Mamet’s Oleanna, which opens Thursday. Lemieux portrays a college professor who is accused of sexual harassment by a student, played by Natalie Young. UD grad James Mackenzie is the director.”


Dallas Actor’s Lab is featured in D Magazine’s FrontRow blog


Oleanna is an “Editor’s Pick” in The Dallas Morning News



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